Julia: The First Lady’s dressing-room essentials

DSC_2392 DSC_2426Dressing Room 1

Once you get into the dressing rooms during preparation for a production, you know it is all finally coming together and you see the collective work you and your cast mates have brought to life. You now rehearse in costume, you see what your hair and make-up will look like and you see what it’s like to sing in the space you will be performing in. It is the final stages of putting together a production.

Every performer has their own pre-performance ritual [read about Sophie Sparrow’s here!], just as we all prefer to have different things in our dressing rooms. Some love to be in the thick of the excitement, laughing with other cast members, and others prefer to have a little more space to internalise and prepare for the show ahead.

In the dressing rooms, each member of cast will, of course, have his or her costumes hanging – one of mine being an Onesie that is so cozy I never want to take it off! Most also choose to have some form of hydration – I like to have a big water bottle, that is frequently refilled. Personally, I always have a warm layer that I can throw on over my costume because going on stage when you’re a little chilly is no fun at all.


And I cannot survive a show without SNACKS. From the time of the cast’s arrival, to our departure, we are in the theatre perhaps five hours, and when you are preparing for performing in scenes throughout the opera, keeping up your energy levels is essential. Bananas and nuts are my super foods, but a little helping of sugar is always helpful too. My favourite ‘treats’ to have on hand are Gummie Worms. Pair these with a hot cuppa during the interval and I am well prepared for the second act!

434687439_e3a1f3e62b_oMaintaining one’s stamina is crucial. Adrenaline definitely plays a part, but good food and even better company makes a performance come alive. As I write this, I am mentally preparing for our final dress rehearsal, and dreaming of Gummie Worms. Opening night will come around extremely quickly – I am excited to finally reveal this marvelous show all of the cast have been working so hard on!

Opening night is tomorrow! Have you got your tickets??


Post by Julia Moss-Pearson, First Lady

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