Sophie’s ‘Diva Diary’: Preparing for her Debut

Debuting in an opera in the town that you studied in is a great honour and an amazing opportunity. I get to put four hard years of university classical voice training to the test. But it’s only just the beginning hopefully, with many more years of training to go I’ve only just started singing after four years at university.

So a diva diary I will write. People often call sopranos divas and it’s always said with a negative connotation too: a Prima Donna they say. However, if the term diva originates from the Sanskrit word ‘deva’ meaning radiant or shining referring to a god in both Vedic Hinduism and Buddhism, I’m fine with being called a diva!

Performance days are time to breathe and chill out. I would usually sleep in and have a good meal for brunch but nothing that’s going to make me feel bloated or sluggish. I need to feel energised and alive.

During the day I would normally warm up slowly and quietly to get the voice moving and prepped for the big sing about to come. I may head down to the practice room to sing through a song to do some more warming up, just lightly though and nothing that could tire out the voice.

The call time might be around 5.30pm so I will make sure I’ve had another light meal before that that would keep me going through the evening. I find it really hard singing on a full stomach and eating before a performance. Everyone’s very different in that aspect.

While in the dressing room, I like to keep to myself a little bit just to think through my character and what and where the character is going throughout the opera. I would then relax and once again breathe so I don’t feel too stressed on stage.

This time it’s a tad different during the day, as I have exams to prepare for. My lead up at the theatre will all be the same but instead of chilling out during the day and sleeping in I will be at university studying for my accounting exams for the first 3 performances. It may be stressful but it keeps my brain on high alert and active.

No matter what the situation that this diva is in, the opera is so much fun and is going to be a great show! I can’t wait to get into it…

Buy your tickets now if you haven’t already, you don’t want to miss it!

Magic Flute _7

From left: James Adams, Sophie Sparrow and Robert Lindsay in rehearsal

Magic Flute Star_2

Post by Sophie Sparrow, Pamina

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