Our Shows

Mikado Official Poster JPEG

Opera Otago is thrilled to present Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado as our first production of 2019! Come along to an evening of fun, satire, and great music!


2018 Production: Seymour Barab’s Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood 1

Opera Otago are excited to present Little Red Riding Hood, a children’s opera which appeals to all ages! Come along to the NAT in the Octagon, Dunedin, to enjoy a classic tale!

2018 Major Production: Mozart’s Don Giovanni


Opera Otago presents Mozart’s luscious opera, Don Giovanni. Join us for an evening of intrigue, seduction, and murder as we follow the tale of Don Juan, lover or predator? Featuring Dunedin’s very own Robert Tucker as Don Giovanni, and members of the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra.

2017 Major Productions

The Pirates of Penzance 

For our final production of 2017, Opera Otago welcomes the whole family to our swashbuckling season of Gilbert and Sullivan’s much loved operetta, ‘The Pirates of Penzance.’ This jaunty tale has it all: A Pirate King with a heart of gold! The very model of a Modern Major General! A nursery -maid who has a lot of explaining to do to her boss! A hero and heroine whose fates hang on the wording of a contract! Best of all, we have a cast of singers who by night play pirates, policemen and daughters but by day are mild-mannered citizens of our own fair city! This show will have you singing all the way home.

War Hero


An opera in three acts – Libretto and Music by John Drummond – World Premiere Production.

A century ago, in 1917, Otago farmer Archibald Baxter was arrested for refusing to serve in the NZ military forces. Over the ensuing eighteen months he and thirteen other New Zealand conscientious objectors were subjected to various kinds of punishment, humiliation and torture at the hands of the military authorities, in New Zealand, in England, and on the battlefield of Ypres in Belgium. War Hero tells Baxter’s extraordinary story.

The opera is based on Michael Galvin’s play of the same name. Many who fought in World War 1 were heroes, facing terrible circumstances on the battlefield, displaying extraordinary courage in appalling conditions as they defended the things they believed in. Baxter may be considered to be a hero too, since he faced enormous physical and psychological challenges in defending his beliefs. It takes courage to say no, when all around you are saying yes. In World War 1 there was no place for those who refused, in all conscience, to participate in the organized violence of war. They suffered.

The opera has an all-male cast. 28 different roles are sung by 11 different singers, with an accompaniment from four versatile electronic keyboards and two percussion players. Most of those involved are opera performers building their careers – Opera Otago’s policy is to give young performers an opportunity to develop and showcase their talents.

Leading the cast as Archie Baxter is Andrew Glover (tenor), a professional opera singer born and trained in New Zealand and currently based in Brussels. Supporting him are Matt Landreth (baritone) and Alex Lee (baritone) as Baxter’s fellow conscientious objectors Kirwin and Briggs, and six talented young singers, some graduates of the University of Otago Department of Music and others still training there with Judy Bellingham or Judith Henley, together with a couple of older, more experienced singers.

The opera is conducted by Vincent Hardaker, a recent graduate of the NZ School of Music in Wellington. The stage direction is by John Drummond. Performances take place in the Mayfair Theatre on 22, 25, 27 and 29 July 2017.

2016 Major Production: A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’s much-loved story comes to life on the opera stage thanks to Christchurch composer Philip Norman.

With a cast of over seventy, including children and dancers, this is the most ambitious production Opera Otago has mounted for several years. The opera is a faithful telling of the great story of Scrooge the miser and his journey to a realization of what Christmas is about. We meet the scary ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. We meet the Cratchit family including the famous Tiny Tim. We hear Philip Norman’s tuneful music, and we all get to sing some Christmas carols!

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