Welcome to Opera Otago

Opera Otago has presented opera to the Otago community for sixty years. We are proud to be the oldest continually running opera company in New Zealand.

For our final production of 2017, Opera Otago welcomes the whole family to our swashbuckling season of Gilbert and Sullivan’s much loved operetta, ‘The Pirates of Penzance.’ This jaunty tale has it all: A Pirate King with a heart of gold! The very model of a Modern Major General! A nursery -maid who has a lot of explaining to do to her boss! A hero and heroine whose fates hang on the wording of a contract! Best of all, we have a cast of singers who by night play pirates, policemen and daughters but by day are mild-mannered citizens of our own fair city! This show will have you singing all the way home. Don’t miss out- book now! https://tickets.operaotago.co.nz/