CURTAIN CALL: What happens behind the scenes on opening night?


A run down from our Stage Manager, Linda Brewster…

Once the backstage door is open, I do a walk through and check the building. Running my eyes over every nook and cranny, ensuring things are in the right place.

I like those few quiet moments before the flurry begins. To be honest it is a lot calmer than you would expect, because we have everything in place. By now cast and crew are arriving and signing in.

There is a sense of anticipation, lots of laughs as faces we thought we knew emerge from make up, and lots of happy conversations going on. Costumes are being donned, last minute repairs; the crew are checking their props list, and that comms and lights are working.

An intensive warm up with our conductor helps us all get into the right space, and has the sense of bringing us together.

By now the orchestra has turned up and we hear the strains of them tuning and running through passages of the music.

Then the countdown begins. I will begin to advise the cast and crew of when the house is open, and how many “minutes to places.”

“How many are out there?”, someone asks nervously.

We are concentrating now, and getting into our ‘zones’.

“Beginners to stage”; “Orchestra to Pit”: now the adrenalin pumps in. There is a bit of a serious hush and some nervous giggling backstage now – “This is it guys, we are doing it!”

“Quiet backstage!”

Check my crew is on standby.

House lights down, Overture starts and curtain up!

See you there tonight!! Tickets are available at the door, cash only.

Entrance 10

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Post by Linda Brewster, Stage Manager

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