Autumn Newsletter: Warm Wishes from our Chair


Welcome to our second Newsletter for 2015.

As the nights get longer and the temperatures crisper I always think that these conditions lend themselves to our art form. What better way to relax than to sit in a warm theatre and be transported to another place and time by the music and story of a favourite opera. So I hope you have entered a date in your diaries to purchase tickets and get to a performance of The Magic Flute. And encourage your families and friends to do the same! While this is our main focus at the moment, you will see by the contents of the newsletter that a lot has been happening. I will let the rest of the contributions speak for themselves but will just add a couple of things.

Firstly I must pay tribute to the three members of the 2014 -2015 executive who did not stand again this year. Michael Andrewes, Linda Brewster and Vickie Cross worked tirelessly for the Company over the period they were members and I extend my grateful thanks to them for their contribution.

Secondly I welcome their replacements for the new term. It is with pleasure that we report that our long serving and award winning costume designer Brenda Rendall has joined us, along with Claire Barton and husband Simon Wilson. We know that they will all bring new skills and enthusiasm with them. The added benefit of having Claire and Simon is that their little daughter, Margaret, has been attending meetings and is learning the ropes at a very early age!

Thirdly thanks to all who supported our raffle which generated much needed revenue for our coffers. The winning numbers are presented later on in the newsletter.

Finally it is with mixed feelings that I report that we are soon to lose the highly valued services of Georgia Gray who is editing this newsletter and has been editing much of our other written material and working on our website. Georgia was keen to stay involved with executive even though she has been living in Wellington since the end of 2014. It has been a most successful “long distance” role and one which we have appreciated greatly. However, she is shifting to Paris with her partner Clément in July. I extend my best wishes to them for this career move. We will miss her wise and thoughtful contribution as well as her practical skills.

Best wishes. See you at The Magic Flute.

Murray Davidson


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