The Magic Flute: Update from the Director


We’re three weeks into rehearsals and having a great time! By the end of this weekend we’ll have the basic moves sorted out for the opera. That’s like having the blueprints of the production mapped out, so that we can then construct the reality that audiences will enjoy. Mozart’s music is, of course, a delight and an inspiration to all of us. Our young singers bring fresh voices and eager commitment. The ensembles sound glorious, and the solo arias are starting to live and breathe in a Mozartian style. The challenges of delivering spoken dialogue are being met. Characters are starting to form. Those who haven’t been in an opera before are finding out how difficult it is (so much to think about!), but we’re all helping each other. The cast – and our great production personnel – is working as a team. As I pointed out when we first gathered together, every person’s goal is to make the other people in the cast look and sound good. Cues aren’t what other people give you; they are what you give other people. It’s exciting, and it’s fun!

John Drummond – Director

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