On High Fs and Modern Evil

Evil is present in all societies, but nowhere is evil expressed quite so wrathfully as in the character of the Queen of the Night. She is consumed with the desire to control all in her world, letting nothing stand in her way.

dollar-exchange-rate-544949_640This production sees the Queen running a company and making millions, with any legal or moral qualms left in her dust. Her desire for money is only matched by her need to always win, lending itself to a rather twisted story. She can cleverly manipulate people to do whatever it is she wants, resulting in a personality perfectly reflected in the music, with passages of beautiful longing contrasting rapidly with wrathful vengeance.

It is in these arias of the Queen that we clearly hear what she is like, with stratospheric spells as she reaches high F6. Composed for Mozart’s sister in law who had an extraordinary upper register, both arias were written specifically to showcase those high notes. The effect is incredibly difficult to master, but what music eventuates!

John Drummond’s depiction of today’s Queen of the Night is a fresh look at the character in modern time, whilst being able assisted by Mozart’s athletic and beautiful music…With her entourage of shady traders, John Drummond’s Queen showcases the ruthlessness of modern commerce. 

Post by Ingrid Fomison-Nurse, Queen of the Night

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