60 Years Old and Still Going Strong!

Dunedin Opera Company – a.k.a Opera Otago – is 60 years old this year. We think we’re the oldest opera company in NZ in continuous existence. We’ve done over 100 productions, launched the careers of many young singers, entertained audiences with masterpieces of the repertoire – and presented more new NZ operas than anyone else in this country.

We celebrated last month with a Dinner, and then an Extravaganza Show at the Mayfair Theatre with everyone’s favourite extracts.

On April 8-9-10 we launch House Opera – a new experience of presenting opera in private homes. This weekend we are at Dunedin’s famous home Olveston, where we’ll perform Menotti’s favourite The Telephone and John Drummond’s Dearest Maurice.

We’ve also decided to close down our long-running Mayfair Costume Hire business. It used to raise money to help fund our productions, but those days are now gone; we were having to subsidise it from our opera takings! Most of the costumes have been bought, but a final auction will be held on the premises on Sunday 17 April. Go along for some bargains!

Our production at the end of the year is Philip Norman’s A Christmas Carol, a great musical version of Charles Dickens’s beloved story.


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